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Our Latest Issue’s Featured Article

Alice Krause, Eureka, California, USA

The wait is over!

If you hadn’t noticed the masthead already, please look again. Our organization has gone back to its roots and reclaimed the name given us by our founders. We are officially the International Human Powered Vehicle Association!

While some of our members had never realized there had been a change in our name, many did. During our attempt at re-organization we gave the original IHPVA name to the newly formed committee that was to oversee the “association of national clubs” and our original club assumed the HPVA moniker.

Like many ideas this one was founded in enthusiasm and the feeling that change would be a benefit to all of us. As the enthusiasm waned the lack of benefit became increasingly apparent. With vague guidelines, lack of volunteers to fill yet even more positions and no legal funding source the association of National Representatives had dwindled down to about 6 with only about 4 communicating regularly.

With the passing years members felt alienated from the process of decision making about rules, events

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Nissan Human Powered Hour Challenge April 4-6 2007

For a second year the HPVA is proud to produce the Human Powered Hour Challenge at the Nissan Technical Center’s Arizona proving grounds outside Casa Grande, Arizona. $10,000 dollars has been generously donated by Paul MacCready for prizes. Prizes will be awarded to both Men and Women for the1 Hour time trial and the 200 meter sprint.

Check for information and updates and results

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 The HPVA is already working on
 World Human Powered Speed Challenge 2007.
 Dates are October 1-6, 2007.

KB's Cab Bike
The E-Mails
by Kelsey (KB) Bower, Ashland, OR, USA

Al and Alice,

You guys did it again and kept the Challenge alive. A new European record (go Damjam), and some new to me riders. Wish the Tri-sled machine were running gut (good). Glad to see Larry had a streamliner up and gehen (going). So much for my once a week Deutsche lessons, occasionally I can say something out loud.

Half the week I am in Frankfurt and the other half I am in Giessen. I get to buy the old cab-bike no. 11, which has been ridden by maybe 500 riders. And every new part has been tested on it. One more day of epoxy and I can paint the inside and I (mit Bernd`s help) can start to reassemble it, with some of the upgrades that have evolved. Two weeks into it, I patched most of the holes and crashed areas. Bernd Krieger is very supportive of my rebuilding no. 11 (German thinks there will be near 100 cab-bikes built by the end of the year). I think I may have picked out the last piece of gravel from my

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The Nissan Dempsey–MacCready One Hour Challenge
Alice Krause, Eureka, California USA

The Nissan Dempsey–MacCready One Hour Challenge lived up to all the preparation and anticipation by providing suspense and surprise up to the final moments on Sunday July 2, 2006.

Beginning June 29, with a 5:00 am advance viewing of the track located at the Nissan North American Technical Center outside Casa Grande, Arizona. Riders were given a tour of the track in vehicles provided and driven by Nissan employees. The three-lane 5.67 mile (9.12 km) oval was steeply banked in the turns and had some very large surface cracks throughout with turn three having a very uneven surface due to some older paving.

Riders requested stops to check specific aspects of the track condition and discussed optimum lane usage. Damjan Zabovnik rider and builder of Eivie stated the track was much rougher than he had anticipated and did not think he would ride on the first day, preferring to see how the other vehicles performed before attempting the course.

Mike Bourne, Operations Manager at the track arranged for everyone to assemble at the front gates at 4:45 am Friday, June 30. We were to come and go only as a group, waivers were signed by all attending to be allowed on the premises and the OK was given for use of cameras during the record attempt.

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